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Sub-Sahara Capitals (SSC) is an online consultancy firm working in affiliation with private foreign investors and some EU investment holdings. SSC directly connects businesses looking for financial increase with investors.

SSC is facilitating the Global Funding Programme, where loans are provided to interested business owners globally to fund profitable businesses and projects at relatively low-interest rates than banks.

Investors are willing to invest in projects between $15,000 (Fifteen Thousand dollars) - $100,000,000 (One Hundred Million Dollars).

The loans can be for a duration of 1yr - 25yrs and at an annual interest rate of 2.5%.

If you are seeking a loan for the development or expansion of your business, innovative products, processes or even technical services; Sub-Sahara Capitals in partnership with our sponsors have professional finance programs that will provide you with the chance to gain a competitive edge over the competition and pave the way for the positive growth of your business organization.

Application Process:

Step 1:

Interested applicants should contact us with their Letter of Intent & Executive Summary to loans@subsaharacapitals.com

Step 2:

One of our loan officers will get right back to you with; 

A Loan Application Form – Fill in and return to us

CIS (Customer Information Sheet) Form – Fill in and return to us

NCND (Non-Compete No Disclosure) Agreement – Fill in and return to us

In ONE EMAIL, send all REQUIRED documents loans@subsaharacapitals.com

Step 3:

SSC Project Funding Team, in collaboration with our sponsors, will Reviews the Client Compliance Application to check the prospects of the information provided, the good standing of the Applicant, and that the funds will not be utilized for any illegal activity such as money laundering.

Step 4:

Accepted applications will be responded to with an official Acceptance Letter, Uncommitted Letter of Intent (LOI), and Invoice for the Loan Application fee. The client is to sign and return the LOI, along with the Proof of Payment (Usually 1.7% of Loan Amount).

Step 5:

Upon receipt of the LOI and Proof of payment, a comprehensive Deed of Agreement & Independent Trustee Agreement would be issued by our Legal Team, governing the loan terms. All relevant parties complete and sign these documents, thereby making it a fully legal agreement.

Step 7:

The investor's bank (Issuing Bank) acknowledges documents submitted by Independent Trustee and transfers the loan funds directly into their nominated Bank account within 10 - 15 working days.

Step 8:

Hard copies of the transaction will be mailed directly to the trustee's address with 10 (ten) working days, thereby closing the deal.

Please Note:

SSC would not respond to improperly addressed emails. Especially emails written in one line, which do not state sender name, a project that requires funding, amount, duration the loan is required, confirmation that our procedures are understood.

Emails received that clearly states the sender is not willing to follow our procedures stated above, will be ignored. 

We work with 3 of the Top Issuing Banks in South Sudan, Nigeria, South Africa, Rwanda, and Cameroon, to ensure funding for lucrative Projects and Businesses that meet our requirements.

The client's Executive Summary must be precise but straightforward in providing information regarding the project and its financial request for funding.

Funds from our loan program can be held by the client's company only for the duration agreed on the signed DOA. Any default in repayment on the client's part outside insurance coverage will attract legal prosecution from the Issuing Bank and our legal department.

All projects will be monitored by SSC and the beneficiary clients Bank to ensure strict adherence and financial responsibility.

We can arrange for a reasonable moratorium on repayments for your project and cash flowing stabilization.

Our Team of Highly Informed Experts commits to the Highest Standards of Professionalism and has a passion for adding value to the Companies and projects we work with.