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SSC loans for small businesses guaranteed by the Business Administrations. With our multiple SBL funding programs, get a minimum loan amount of $5000.00 - $5M provided through an SSC private lender. The three main SBL loan programs let you borrow money for nearly any business purpose—including working capital, purchasing inventory or equipment, refinancing other debts, or buying real estate—through these SBL-guaranteed loans. Long term of up to 5 - 25 years with an interest rate of 2.5%. 


  • Lowest Down Payments
  • Longest Payment Terms 
  • Reasonable Interest Rates
  • Suitable for a wide range of business purposes and startups.

Who Qualifies for an SBA Loan?

Securing an SBL loan through Sub-Saharan Capital is easy. How to get one? As a business owner or a startup, you qualify for an SBL loan. The most critical determinant will be your yearly turnover and for a startup, your business plan. 
Be prepared: SBL loans usually require much time, energy, attention, and documentation. 
Please don't believe any lender who promises to provide SBL loans today: It's not a loan that you'll apply to and receive the funding for even within a few days. That said, our SBL loans are indeed fit for growing your business and refinancing your other debt at the lowest available rates. Our organization, in collaboration with private sponsors-typically foreign investors, review yearly financial statements or business plan before approval. You might find it challenging to qualify for an SBL loan if your company has a limited track record or, especially, if your credit is poor. 
After all, the SBL and your lender are sticking their neck out on the belief that you're a reliable borrower. You can facilitate the process by providing an adequate and up to date track record of your business. 

How Do You Apply for SBA Loans?

There are many large and local banks offering SBL loans. These bank lenders will have extensive loan application processes, looking closely at the financial details of your business. At a minimum, an SBL loan application at a traditional bank will take a couple of weeks to process.

At SSC, you can apply online through our Online Application Form, and a loan analyst (Office Personal) will connect you to a suitable lender.

Documents you need:

  • Business License
  • Bank Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Loss Statements
  • ID Copy, Passport Or Driver's License
  • Business Plan/Debt Schedule

How Do SBL Loans Work?

Almost all business owner wants to know what an SBL loan is and how to qualify for one. As one of the lowest-cost products out there, SBL loans are the holy grail when it comes to expanding your business affordably.

But aren't they challenging to get approved for?

At SSC, we've helped thousands of small business owners successfully secure SBL loans. With all that experience—and data—under our belt, we're confident we can give you the information you need to apply for an SBA loan through our private sponsorship at an annual interest rate as little as 2.5%.

By understanding how the product works and what precisely the eligibility requirements are, you'll know if an SBL loan is the right product for your business. 

Applying For An SBL Loan

While SBL loans are slightly easier to qualify for than bank loans, remember: you're still working with a lender (an investor who is like a bank in the end). 

Such lenders will want to review your credit and financial statements and could expect you to have collateral to secure the loan. They'll also look at a handful of other documents—from legal documents to business plans.

Even with the government guarantee on their side, many small businesses don't wind up qualifying for SBL loans. And if they do, the process could take months.

On the other hand, an SBL loan's low-interest rates and extended repayment terms are almost always worth the wait.

What is the actual application like? Here's the deal:

When applying for SBL financing, you can expect to complete an extensive loan application. You'll need to provide documents like financial statements, information on your collateral, a description of your business, and an explanation of how you'll use the loan proceeds, among others.

This process can be made easy by working in collaboration with our loan experts, as long as you can provide all the required documents, rest assured you will be approved because they know what the lenders are looking at. 

The lenders will look for applicants with excellent credits, a solid business plan, profitable businesses (most the time, not always), and a demonstrated ability to repay the loan.

Your borrowing history is especially important as well and can be a deciding factor.

How do I know an SBL is right for my business?

An SBL loan program depends on the size, period, and goals of your venture.

Most businesses with general financing needs—like expanding working capital, refinancing old debt, or renovating a location. At SSC, you can get:

Up to $50M in loan amount

Repayment terms of up to 10 years (for working capital loans) or up to 25 years (for commercial real estate loans)

For general business financing needs

For the purchase of major fixed assets

SSC also offers micro-loans to small or newer businesses searching for loans under $100K. While these loans are smaller, they’re not really considered short-term loans as term lengths can get extended over a long period of time. Here are the details of SSC micro-loans:

Up to $100K in loan amount

Repayment terms of up to 6 years

For starting or expanding a small or newer business

If you’re feeling unsure about which loan program makes sense, Our loan experts can walk you through your options and help you decide which plan is right for you—and whether you’ll qualify.

And if you’re not there yet, we’ll work with you to graduate your business up to an SBL loan—one of the longest-term and most affordable business loan options out there.

What will an SBL Loan Cost You?

How much will an SBL loan cost?

Well, the cost and repayment of your SBL loan depend on the program and repayment plan you choose. Here are the fees, interest rates, and repayment terms usually associated with an SBL loan.


A guaranty fee of 1.7% for loans up to $150K, and 2.25% for any SBL loans greater than $150K. Be aware that your guaranty fee might be included in the total cost of the loan.

(Remember: the private lenders are not lending to you directly—and they don't guarantee 100% of the loan. That’s why “dollar amount guaranteed” is different from “total loan amount.”)

SSC charges a guaranty fee for the service of guaranteeing the loan. The borrower initially pays the guarantee fee.

Some partnered banks might also require an origination charge or a loan packaging fee, depending on which banks you’re working with.

While the fees seem to make up a fair amount of money, these fees don’t hold a candle to the amount of cash you’re saving by taking on an SBL loan instead of something smaller, faster, and more expensive.

Interest Rates

Maximum of 2.5% + Prime Rate (typically between 5 - 10%).

7(a) SBA loans come with interest rates in either fixed or variable (typically adjusted quarterly) varieties. Your investor's bank determines which it will offer.

To protect borrowers, SSC puts a ceiling on loan rates by limiting the “spread” a bank is allowed to apply on top of the loan’s base interest rate.

In other words, the SSC restricts how much a bank can make off your SBL loan.

If your loan amount is more than $100K and the term is less than seven years, your rate will be set by the Prime Rate and the maximum spread will be at most 2.5 percentage points. For SBL loans of more than $250K and seven years or longer, your rate will still be determined by the Prime Rate, but that spread increases to 2.75 percentage points. Like all types of loans, the interest rate you end up paying depends on the repayment time duration.

If you choose to apply for an SBL loan through Sub-Sahara Capitals, however, the investors we partner with offer interest rates of 2.25%, subject to change with the Prime Rate.

And finally, when you get your offer, be sure to calculate your APR. The APR will be different from your interest rate, incorporating any guaranty fees or origination fees you’re charged to get the actual cost of the SBL loan.


Up to 10 years for working capital loans and equipment loans, and 25 years for commercial real estate loans.

What would an SBL loan mean for your business cash flow? You can expect monthly payments for 25 years for real estate, 10 years for equipment, and generally up to 7 years for working capital.

Keep in mind: these are the longest terms you’ll find, giving you plenty of time to figure out how to make each payment and spreading those large, long-term loans over many years.